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(True Wireless Earbuds Review) UGREEN HiTune X5: V-shaped sound with cleverly emphasized spatiality while maintaining a very good sense of balance. For those who seek a sense of weight and dynamism in their music.

The UGREEN Hitune X5 is a model that I can't believe is available at this price. It has a fairly well-balanced V-shaped sound, with very little of the unnaturalness in the midrange that is often associated with this type of sound. While th…

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) UGREEN HiTune T2: When the fit is well adjusted, the sound is warm and well-balanced, suitable for pop music. A leading AirPods replacement candidate

The UGREEN HiTune T2 is a completely wireless earphone with a sound that combines a moderate sense of detail with a warm and comfortable mildness. The downside is that the fit is a bit unsteady, and the low frequency range changes a lot de…