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(News) TINHIFI T1S: Beryllium Plated Diaphragm HiFi Earphones




TinHiFi has released the TInHiFi T1S, an entry-level IEMs.



  • Upgrade From T1Plus
  • Beryllium Plated Diaphragm Earphone
  • Ergonomic, Wear Without Feeling
  • Hifi Grade Earphone Cable
  • Eye-Catching Look



  • Configuration: Beryllium Plated Diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Pin Type: 0.78mm 2PIN
  • Cable Length: 125±5cm
  • Colors: White, pink, black, and green


Upgrade From T1Plus

T1S retunes the driver on the basis of T1PLUS, and for the T1S equipped with a re-developed acoustic silicon sleeve, It increases the intermediate frequency density, gentle-voiced, Low-frequency dives strongly, high frequency extends well.


Beryllium Plated Diaphragm Earphone

Beryllium alloy diaphragm with its unique physical characteristics, Known for being hard, light, and fast among all metal elements, 2.5 times lighter than titanium, 3 times more rigid than titanium, Its speed of sound is as high as 12KM/S. The T1S unit uses single beryllium plated diaphragm up to 98%, Utilize the characteristics of high rigidity and thinness of the beryllium diaphragm, The bass is naturally full, the middle frequency is clear and delicate, and the high pass is transparent and not irritating, Make music sweeter.


Ergonomic, Wear Without Feeling

Based on ergonomic design, Focus on lightweight, Suitable for most people to wear, A single earphone weighs only 3.2G, It almost makes the wearer feel nothing.


Hifi Grade Earphone Cable

Using silver plated wire exchangeable wire design, It is truly a perfect fit for the T1s. It’s selected to meet the highest standards of durability and acoustic performance in its class. 0.78mm 2 pin protection design, more reliable and durable.


Eye-Catching Look

T1s offers White, pink, black, and green four popular colors, you can find one that suits your mood and desire. The main body of the earphone color shell is pleasing both artistically and aesthetically.



Price & Availability

TinHiFi T1S is available from Linsoul and other for $20.