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(News) Topping M50: Desktop-Grade Digital Audio Player With USB OTG Bridge

Topping M50

Topping M50


For the past many years, Topping has been ruling the world of HiFi desktop audio gears with its excellent range of premium Desktop DACs, Headphone Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, and many more products. They have many award-winning products in their catalog including the famous D90SE Desktop DAC, A90 flagship headphone amplifier, and many more. Today, Topping has released a brand new desktop digital audio player, the Topping M50


Topping M50 is a premium desktop digital audio player with 10-band EQ support along with Apple Airplay and DLNA connectivity. Topping M50 supports USB OTG function, and has a microSD and Flash disk support(up to 256GB capacity). Topping also features advanced two-way high-resolution Bluetooth functionality on the M50. As for outputs, it has Coaxial, Optical, and IIS digital outputs. M50 converts digitalized music files into a digital audio signal and output it for pure digital conversion via high-quality DACs in your chain. Topping M50 is compatible with multiple file systems with support for up to 24Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 reading.


Topping M50 is launched worldwide for just 229$, check out more details here.



  • High-resolution music player.
  • In-Built 10-band EQ system.
  • Multiple file format support.
  • Supports PCM 24-Bit/384kHz, DSD256.
  • Two-way Bluetooth function with Hi-Res LDAC codec support.
  • Coaxial, Optical, IIS, USB-A digital output support.
  • Supports Airplay and DLNA.
  • USB Bridge function with OTG support.
  • Supports MicroSD card(up to 256GB).
  • Supports 256GB flash drive.
  • HiBy Link application support.
  • Colourful display.
  • Remote control.



  • PCM: Up to 24-Bit/384kHz(USB), Up to 24-Bit/192kHz(Optical/Coaxial), Up to 24-bit/384kHz(IIS).
  • DSD: DSD256 natively(USB), DSD64(DoP, Optical/Coaxial), DSD256(IIS).
  • Bluetooth codec support: LDAC, SBC, AAC. AptX only supported in Bluetooth out mode.


Simple and Elegant

Topping M50 is a simple and elegant music player that transmits a high-resolution digital audio signal to a dedicated DAC/AMP in your chain. It converts a high-resolution digitalized audio signal and prepares it for the high-resolution DACs in the chain.


Supports High-Resolution PCM and DSD recordings

Topping M50 supports multiple file-formats including FLAC, Wav, Ape, AIFF, M4A, WMA, WMA Lossless, MP3, AAC, DSF, and many more. The M50 reads high-resolution 24bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 signals and readies them for high-resolution signal processing with a Powerful DAC in the chain.


Built-in 10-Band EQ

When playing music from a flash disk or MicroSD card, users get a fully functioning 10-band EQ. It offers multiple pre-installed presets for the EQ. M50 also has a fully custom EQ where you can easily adjust the output as per their liking.


USB OTG Functionality With USB Bridge Function

You can set the USB mode of the M50 to DAC and connect it with the Type-C interface of a computer, Mobile phone, or tablet OTG, then the M50 can be used as a USB bridge, supporting high-resolution audio files. It also supports the connectivity of microSD cards and Flash drives. M50 will ready and interpret a clean source for all your HiFi audio needs.


Two-Way Hi-Res Bluetooth Support

Topping M50 features two-way Bluetooth connectivity with high-resolution LDAC codec support. You can stream high-resolution music from your smartphone with up to 24-bit/96kHz bitrate. The Topping M50 can also be connected with Bluetooth headphones with high-resolution LDAC and AptX codecs.


Supports Airplay and DLNA

Topping M50 brings Apple Airplay and wireless DLNA connectivity. Airplay makes it easier to connect the Topping M50 to an apple source device(like iPhone, iPad, and MacBook).


HiBy Link Application Integration

You can control the playback on the Topping M50 with the HiBy Link app integration on your smartphone. HiBy Link application also enables us to use it as a remote control for the M50.


Price & Availability

Topping M50 is launched officially for just 229$, if you have a dedicated DAC and AMP desktop stack the M50 will deliver a clean and detailed source for your Hi-Res audio signals. Check out more details here.


Topping M50

Topping M50

Topping M50