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(News) Whizzer Kylin HE01B, a black version of the popular model, is now available!

Whizzer Kylin HE01B

Whizzer Kylin HE01B


The Whizzer Kylin HE01 is an entry-level single dynamic driver earphone that has made a splash with its excellent packaging and build, and high-resolution crystal clear sound.


It is equipped with Whizzer's 4th generation high flux unit, BRIGHT, which delivers powerful and clean low frequencies with excellent extension and range. In addition, HDSS technology is used in conjunction to refine the clarity and density of the sound, providing an overall well-balanced and high quality sound.


Whizzer is now offering a variation of this popular model with a new color scheme. The Whizzer Kylin HE01B is now available for pre-order at HiFiGO.


Whizzer Kylin HE01B


Elegant gold-black

The color scheme of the Whizzer Kylin HE01B is inspired by the classic combination of black and red gold with beautiful glossy transparency. In the end, the anodizing process was used to successfully recreate the unique W155 red gold color used as the signature color of the HE01 series.


Whizzer Kylin HE01B


To achieve a texture worthy of the beautiful HE01B housing, Whizzer has adopted a manufacturing process that organically combines high transmittance PC, CNC aluminum, and photochemical resin to ensure stable mass production. The design is a perfect continuation of the classic design of the Kylin series, which has received rave reviews from audiophiles.


The highly acclaimed sound quality has been maintained

Whizzer Kylin HE01B


The HE01B is equipped with Whizzer's 4th generation BRIGHT custom dynamic unit with a high flux magnetic circuit design of approximately 1.2 Tesla. Its unit size reaches 10.2mm, providing a smoother and more natural response of full range. Its double rear cavity design enhances the quality of its acoustic properties, and its low impedance design of 18 ohms allows it to be comfortably driven by smartphones.


The HE01 series is equipped with the HDSS acoustic filter module, which uses HDSS acoustic technology to greatly improve sound density and transparency, creating a clear and mellow listening sound. The HE01 series uses HDSS acoustic filter modules as its core, integrated alloy ducts and multi-layered special filter screens for sound filtering and reverb control, resulting in an even smoother and more balanced sound.


High quality cable

The HE01B comes standard with a specially customized 4-strand 5N oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable. Each core is made of 30 strands of 5N oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable with a wire diameter of 0.05mm, mechanically woven in 4 strands. The connectors are made of the same anodized CNC metal parts as the Whizzer's shell for a unified design.




The Whizzer Kylin HE01 is a 1DD Chinese IEMs that made a big splash earlier this year with its excellent design and sound that was well worth the price. This time, the black model Whizzer Kylin HE01B has a chic and elegant design that even the cable is unified, which is very cool.


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