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(News) Yanyin Moonlight, the latest electrostatic hybrid IEM, now available at HiFiGO

Yanyin Moonlight

Yanyin Moonlight


Yanyin's newest flagship model, Yanyin Moonlight, a Chi-fi IEM that is quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, is now available at HiFiGO.



  • Seven Driver Tribrid configuration(2EST+4BA+1DD).
  • 10mm Newly-developed Bio-Diaphragm dynamic driver.
  • Four Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers.
  • Dual Sonion Electrostatic Drivers.
  • Four-way frequency crossover with four independent acoustic tube structures.
  • Professional Tuning for Pure & Authentic music experience.
  • High-purity Graphene Silver-Plated Cable.
  • Medical-Grade Resin Shells.


Technical Specs

  • Driver configuration: 1*10mm DD+4*Knowles BA drivers+2*Sonion EST driver.
  • Frequency Response Range: 8Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 118dB.
  • Connector type: 2-pin 0.78mm.
  • Termination plug: 3.5mm.


Yanyin Moonlight Opens a New Stage

Yanyin Moonlight is the brand’s first electrostatic hybrid driver IEM designed with a seven-driver hybrid configuration on each side. The pair is equipped with a 10mm newly-developed Bio-Diaphragm dynamic driver paired with four Knowles BA drivers and dual high-performance Sonion EST drivers. Yanyin has designed the ear cavities of the Moonlight using a skin-friendly medical-grade resin material. They are designed for a relaxing and comfortable wearing experience. Yanyin Moonlight easily delivers you a true high-resolution music experience with its professional tuning and capable output!!



Designed With A Seven Driver Tribrid Architecture

Yanyin has designed the Moonlight with a seven-driver tribrid architecture. It is actually the first electrostatic hybrid driver structure IEM designed by Yanyin. It features a 10mm dynamic driver with a newly-developed bio-diaphragm, four high-performance balanced armature drivers from Knowles, and two highly-resolving Electrostatic drivers from Sonion.

Design Where The Moon Shines & Stars Twinkle

Referring to the name here, Moonlight, the latest pair of IEMs from Yanyin has got an excellent design. The shell has got moonlight elements with a glittery pattern depicting the starry night. The pair simply looks beautiful in all of its aspects!!

Professional Four-Way Crossover

The seven-driver configuration here on the Yanyin Moonlight has been arranged in a four-way frequency crossover. It has four independent acoustic tubes for perfect crossover and low distortion ratings.

High-Quality Medical-Grade Resin Shells

The ear shells of the Yanyin Moonlight are made up of high-quality medical-grade resin material imported specially from Germany. It gives the shell a robust solid build with a comfortable wearing experience. The shells are lightweight and provide an extremely comfortable experience with their ergonomic shape.

High-Quality Graphene Silver-Plated Cable

Yanyin Moonlight comes bundled with a high-purity silver-plated graphene-wrapped cable. This high-purity cable makes sure you get an authentic Hi-Res sound experience with low signal loss during transmission. It has standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors with 3.5mm single-ended termination.



Yanyin Moonlight is available now at HiFiGO and others for $649.