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(News) Yanyin Canon, hybrid Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switch, now available at Linsoul

Yanyin Canon

Yanyin Canon


Yanyin's Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switches, Yanyin Canon, are quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, and Linsoul is now carrying them.



  • Medical Resin Shell, Ergonomic Design
  • 1 Dynamic + 4 Balanced Armature HiFi Hybrid Earphones
  • 3 Tuning Switches, Changeable Collocation
  • Professional Crossover Technology
  • High Quality Single Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Cable


  • Driver: 1 dynamic + 4 balanced armature
  • Material: Hand-made earphone shell of medical resin
  • Frequency response range: 5Hz-22kHz
  • Input sensitivity: 108dB
  • DRC :10ohm
  • Cable: 4 strands of graphite powder single crystal copper silver-plated cable
  • Pin: 2pin 0.78mm detachable cable design

Medical Resin Shell, Ergonomic Design

The medical resin shell with black quicksand texture is made by hand, that not only makes the earpieces lightweight but also provides the users with a comfortable and firm fit. Big data analysis shows that the earphone shape is compounded with the auricle of the human body, which is meticulously fitted and more comfortable to wear.

1 Dynamic + 4 Balanced Armature HiFi Hybrid Earphones

The Bio-diaphragm dynamic driver can keep the bass attack and response fast and accurate. The balanced armature has beautiful sound quality, super resolution, excellent extensibility of ultra-high frequency balanced armature, and the frequency response range reaches 22kHz. The pair has got professional tuning adjustments to present a rich and lively sound with a clean background.

3 Tuning Switches, Changeable Collocation

Independent tuning with 3 switches, electronic crossover technology, no distortion and high playability, adjustable range covers all frequency bands. Responsible for the interval frequency band independently, cooperate with each other, the collocation is changeable, and the style is naturally switched. The painstaking technique has been applied to Canon, making the price-to-price ratio burst once again, allowing various styles of repertoire to be played with ease.

  • Switch 1 controls low frequency gain;
  • Switch 2 controls the intermediate frequency gain;
  • Switch 3 controls ultra-high frequency gain;
  • The ON direction is to turn on the gain, and the digital direction is to turn off the gain;
  • Each switch can be adjusted independently without interfering with each other.


Professional Crossover Technology

Experienced acoustic engineers at Yanyin Canon have arranged the five-driver configuration in a three-way frequency division using professional crossover technology. This allows the drivers to perform perfectly while maintaining low distortion levels. Good low-frequency atmosphere, strong impact, solid mid-frequency knots, rich lines, moderate extension of high-frequency details, excellent dental control, close-to-ear vocals, precise mid-to-high frequency connection, multiple switches the fine-tuning of the channel is very suitable for the interpretation of popular music from China, the United States, Japan and South Korea.



High Quality Single Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Cable

Adopts 4 strands of graphite powder anti-interference single crystal copper silver-plated cable. The cable is relatively soft, and the stethoscope effect is not obvious.





Yanyin Canon is now available at Linsoul and other locations for $398.


Yanyin Canon

Yanyin Canon

Yanyin Canon