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(Review Round Up) Tripowin Rhombus: 1BA + 1DD Hybrid Performance IEM


Tripowin Rhombus


Here is a summary of the review articles about Tripowin Rhombus.



  • Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver + 10mm LCP/PU driver
  • Software Engineered CNC Shell Design
  • Detachable High quatity Cable
  • Acoustically Correct



  • Sensitivity(1KHz): 105dBSPL/mW
  • Audio interface: 3.5MM
  • Impedance(1KHz): >24Ω
  • Driver: Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver + 10mm LCP/PU driver


Tripowin Rhombus
Tripowin Rhombus

Tripowin Rhombus



At Tripowin, we use the latest and most advanced driver technologies in order to deliver incredible audio performance at a budget price. By focusing on uncompromising driver quality and engineering experience, we have created numerous audio solutions that have garnered international praise. Partnering closely with the audiophile community, we are always striving to create the best that sound beyond their price. It’s great audio that doesn't cost an arm.



The Rhombus features the American Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver as well as a new 10mm LCP/PU composite dynamic driver. The 33518 is Knowles’ latest ultra-treble tweeter driver, capable of achieving extreme detail retrieval with ease. Tripowin’s new 10mm LCP/PU driver is constructed using a composite design of liquid crystal polymer diaphragm layer as the dome and a polyurethane layer as the suspension edge. This new design achieves a uniformity in sound like that of a single dynamic driver, but the tonal distribution and characteristics of a multi-driver setup.


The tighter diaphragm tension of the LCP layer allows incredibly fast and detailed mids and treble playback, while the PU layer slows down the larger wavelengths for more rumbles in the bass and richer mids. This double layer composite diaphragm is also matched with a double layer high-tension copper voice coil for a more responsive driver movement. Combined with a powerful N52 magnet system found in headphones, the Rhombus produces speaker-like dynamics and a rich-textured musical experience.



The Rhombus was acoustically engineered to find the balance between musical enjoyment and monitor-accuracy. The new dynamic driver provides incredibly powerful sub-bass punches and a rich mids that is lush in texture. However, the mids have also been well-tamed as not to sound muddy or bloated. The treble is well extended thanks to the Knowles ultra-treble balanced armature driver, but is still comfortable without any piercing frequencies.



The Rhombus is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum that has been cut using a 5-axis CNC machining process. The precision of this process allows perfectly uniform acoustic cavity carving across every unit batch, reducing channel imbalances across units. Separate acoustic chambers have been designed for the dynamic and the balanced armature drivers that fit each perfectly. Each driver chamber is joined at a central chamber before the nozzle to tonally mix the sounds and remove unwanted harmonic resonance. Finally, the faceplate is constructed of a unique multi-faceted polygon design that gives Rhombus its name.



The Rhombus features a detachable 2-pin cable that terminates to a 3.5mm plug. The detachable cable allows pairing with other cables to extend the longevity of the Rhombus, as well as to meet the cable plug needs of different audio devices.


Review Round Up

While buying an IEM in this price range most of the buyers have very similar kind of thoughts in their minds. Most of them are upgrading from their $30-40 IEMs and they want upgrades. If you are looking for better clarity and balance from your entry level hybrid IEM you are looking at one of the best IEM under $100 in Tripowin Rhombus. Rhombus offers excellent bite and aggression to keep an enthusiast seated, has enough delicacy and contrast to keep a fun lover engaged and an upgrade seeker satisfied.


Tripowin Rhombus is an excellent first upgrade for the beginners.


Even though Tripowin knows how to make a reliable and nice-sounding budget IEM, the Rhombus is going to be more of your standard experience. While nothing about it really pops out to me, it is also completely inoffensive in its performance. The bass is there, and the highs add some good flavor, but its lack of punch and linear stereo field hold it back up against other models in this price range. With its flaws, you can’t go wrong with the Rhombus with its price, but the improvements are out there.



  • Smooth bass
  • Energetic highs
  • Nice design
  • Good fit
  • Price


  • Linear soundstage
  • Cloudy mids


I am sorry to say that I haven’t really enjoyed my time with the Tripowin Rhombus. I would really love to only review sets that I like as I much prefer to listen for 4 or 5 days to something I enjoy rather than not. However, I can only say what I feel and the RHombus just aren’t for me.


I don’t necessarily think that the components are bad, I just feel that they either don’t work well together or that they need some polishing as far as their implementation. It is as though the BA driver just takes over the sound and is focused on those upper mids, pushing everything else into the background.


As always, audio is probably one of the most subjective experiences out there (at least when listening to music is concerned), so I have no doubt that there will be some people who enjoy these IEMs. I’m afraid I am just not one of them.


In short, the Tripowin Rhombus sounds like a 1BA IEM despite the fact that it has a 1DD + 1BA hybrid configuration. Bass isn’t the IEM’s strong point – as is typically the case with balanced armature driver – though there is some semblance of the “hybrid sound” here, which can be a favourable quality to some folks.


While the aesthetics of its shell is quite unique, the Rhombus is just not worth it for sound quality alone. There are just a plethora of other options at the same price range – and many more below – that blow the Rhombus out of the water in this aspect. There are the Aria Snow Edition, 7Hz Salnotes Zero, and the ultra-budget CCA CRA+, just to name a few.


With so many great budget options and new IEM brands coming out at such a rapid pace, Tripowin has to really step up its game if the company wants to remain relevant. The Tripowin Leá was good, but the Rhombus doesn’t bring the same level of refinement or value to the table.


Every once in a while when the sub-bass kicked it was a thrill……..due to the sub-bass being almost overqualified to be stuffed inside a $79.00 IEM. Yes, it’s that good, just fast, clean and profound. Still the lack of warmth and pin-point (upper-midrange) qualities are going to need be something ordered by choice. I’m not so sure the Rhombus is going to be for everyone? Still, remember, I’m only a single reviewer and this style of playback is not first on my list. Yet, you can’t help but respect the technicalities presented here. There is something about the sound that has you take notice, like it’s showing you musicality you need to get acquainted with and take notice of. It’s like that first day of school when you realize that you don’t know everything and class is in-progress! The build is insane……..really the build is mouthwatering!


Super contrasty, super vivid and slightly in-your-face. Wait, not slightly in your face……the Rhombus response IS in your face. If you want it there is up to you, because it’s hard to ignore. Offering a supreme level of technicalities and overall sophistication, thus taking you on a special joy-ride! Remember it’s all about those mids!


Do I recommend the Tripowin Rhombus? I do, but it’s like a strong drink, where you know there is an extra shot of medicine added. If the effects are loved, it’s up to you. Don’t come back to me and act like I didn’t warn you first!



  • Gorgeous itemization of upper midrange elements
  • Super fast and detailed 10mm DD bass response, way above its price-point
  • Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver
  • 10mm LCP/PU driver, dual technology composite characteristics
  • Built like a tank
  • The most macho build IEM I have been presented with in years.........if ever?
  • Solid 5 Axis CNC actualization/construction
  • Aggressive 2 pin angles, which angle the cables over-ear and prevents cable-flop
  • Riding that edge that is both detail and aggressive forwardness in upper-midrange
  • Looks super-cool
  • Fits like a dream
  • Weights in at only 5.5 grams
  • Anodized
  • Vivid
  • Contrasty
  • Tight
  • Nice Itemized soundstage with plenty of action to behold
  • Hidden bass which at times thrills, yet kept always in check
  • Neat and tidy across all three bandwidths, accept upper-midrange, as that's forward
  • Still warm, yet at the edge of using the descriptive......but still warm



  • Showcasing a style of forward upper midrange tone, that may not be for all
  • Slight, but expected BA timbre shown without an effort to hid it
  • Simple extras, maybe they put the money into the construction, 10mm LCP/PU driver and Knowles BA?


I'm not sure to understand the goal of Tripowin with this release, it feel like a clumsy attempt to achieve a crisper, bassier harman target but the natural balance isn't there.
As well, i had big expectation for the LCP dynamic driver and let say it's worst part of the hybrid, and since it covert bass and mids, it sure inflict on my final appreciation.


Other part being entry level Knowles BA that only cover treble region, which feel a bit out of place and not very coherent in timbral balance.


While the Rhombus isn't plain bad, nor boring sounding, it's just another ''jack of all trades master of none'' IEM to add in overpack sub-100$ IEM offering.
Better go with Tripowin Lea or Olina than this, i can easily suggest 10 IEM that are all better in this price range too…


So, at they end. Why even bother?



  • nice audacious construction
  • snappy treble
  • balanced U shape that isn't too boring
  • safe'ish tuning free of sibilance



  • warm bass that lack punch authority
  • dark lean thin mids
  • slightly unbalanced treble
  • not for vocal lover
  • poor imaging
  • average resolution
  • lack of sparkle and natural resonance
  • nothing stand out


The Tripowin Rhombus has a beautiful appearance, and its sound is relatively well balanced, reproducing music with a glamorous flavor in a glossy, colorful atmosphere. Audio specifications are also generally above the price level, making it an easy model to recommend in its price range. In particular, it will be a very attractive option for those who seek a glossy sound for female vocals and electric guitars.



  • Well balanced
  • Deep low frequency range
  • Natural texture
  • Vocals that sound flirtatious and sweet
  • Clear sound
  • Solid sound
  • Good resolution


  • Lacking in high frequency extension
  • Vocals prone to sound shouty
  • Tends to sound tinny
  • Lacks detail
  • Stiff sound and tiring to listen to



Tripowin Rhombus' distinctive and beautiful appearance seems to have been greeted with basically favorable reviews. Sound quality, however, is a bit quirky, as many reviewers have pointed out.


The low to midrange is relatively well formed and neutral, and probably few people would complain about that, but there is a somewhat poor connection between the midrange and high range, and many people may get the impression that the music lacks a sense of unity.


Tripowin Rhombus

Tripowin Rhombus

Tripowin Rhombus